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New Step International relies on a network of accomplished and passionate professionals in Asia and in Europe with varied experiences from various professional fields and with various cultural backgrounds.


Join our community of consultants and experts

New Step International Limited coordinates over 50 industry consultants living and working across the entire region.
If you are a freelance researcher, analyst or consultant based in the Asia-Pacific region, apply now for project-based business research and analysis assignments.

Our clients require a broad range of talented professionals to address their needs. Depending on whether you have business research experience, industry expertise, project management skills or a combination, there may be an opportunity for you to work as one of our freelance consultants. Select the Consultant type below that best fits your skills and experience.

Research consultants
You have experience with business research, industry/executive interviewing, secondary research, market analysis, company analysis, market report writing or strategic advisory. APPLY NOW

Domain experts
You have deep domain expertise on a particular industry, technology or subject area. You will provide advice, subject matter insights and strategy recommendations. You may also be able to provide industry contacts for our team to interview.


Senior consultants
You have extensive industry experience, having held senior roles within major organizations and developed a strong network of high level contacts. You need not have research or consulting experience. APPLY NOW

For phone inquiry, please dial : +852 25 41 81 18


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