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- NEW RELEASE: Doing business in China ; a practical approach. (“Les Nouvelles pratiques du business en Chine”, Editions Maxima/Anthemis, in French).
- A practical guide about the economic and cultural aspect of doing business in China.
China is often regarded as a country of significant growth and opportunity and conventional wisdom consequently views China as a market with ‘can’t miss potential’ of 1.3 billion potential customers.

But the reality is not that clear... The rationale of doing business in China is still unknown to a lot of business leaders, and to succeed in a changing environment as China today can be, one will need to adapt his mindset and his management tools to the ‘Chinese reality’. This is the reason why the book of Benoit Ams is not only a practical guide but also a book about negotiation and intercultural management in China. The book give us a new look on China today, the ambiguity of its language and its culture and the potential pitfalls for westerners to develop their business in China.

The book covers the different aspects of a successful business development in China :
• How to assess the market?
• How to negotiate with Chinese partners?
• Which structure to set-up?
• How to recruit and manage effectively?
• How to address and to manage crisis ?

Practical notes at the end of every chapter detail problems like partnership management, conflict management and business human resource management in China.

The author lives in China for ten years and is fluent in Mandarin. He explains in his book the strategies he has himself successfully implemented and the ones that failed.

Investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and more generally everyone for who the question of developing business or managing business in China is important will find a new light on an unknown country that fascinates and worries and where everything is still possible.

Foreword: Bernhard Adriaensens, Professor, Solvay Business School (ULB, Belgique)

Afterword: Thomas Gnocchi, Former co-director of the « EU-China Junior Managers Training Programme »

More information’s on www.anthemis.be and www.maxima.fr
Les nouvelles regles du business en Chine is available at www.amazon.fr

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