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Since 2002, New Step International is dedicated to help western corporations to operate more effectively in China through a combined approach of cross cultural consulting, training and coaching. Intercultural understanding is a key issue for us and is central in our approach.

New Step International's holistic approach is always innovative and typically integrates a combined approach of consulting, training and coaching to suit our client's need. We have gained a sound reputation to produce competitive advantage through creative and pragmatic solutions for China.
New Step International has four core values; Focused, Taylor made solutions, Clear and Pragmatic.

1. Focused: We are focused on China, we live in China, we understand China and we have the proper methodologies to make things work in China.

2. Taylor made solution- We believe there is no ready-made solution and every single case is different in a complex business environment as today's China can be. Our network of accomplished professionals the flexibility to handle big size to smaller size projects according to client's budget, deadline and specific requirements. We have the experience working with start-up's who are just willing to validate a project with a limited budget, or as part of bigger consulting teams on larger scale projects.

3. Clear: We are used to act as a coordinator between different teams or departments in Asia and in Europe, we understand and value the importance of clarity; being in terms of our proposal or in terms of reporting as timely, regular, clear and concise reporting is necessary to enhance the quality of the work of the different teams involved. Our clients value to be informed regularly about the project follow-up.

4. Pragmatic: Possibly our most important trait; we want to deliver tangible results, not simply presentations or ideas. Being located in Asia, working mostly for European clients, we are used to integrate the new technologies in our relationship with our clients that can replace or complement face to face meetings.

Our clients:
The firm serves multinational corporations and growth oriented mid-sized corporations across multiple industries worldwide:

We have clients in the following industries:

- Retail
- Luxury goods
- Food products
- Toys
- Publishing
- Printing
- Trading
- Wine and spirits
- Finance and insurance

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