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Commercial Mediation in China

We offer mediation services in cases that involve a Chinese and a Western party as this is the kind of situation where we, as New Step International Limited, can add value to the process. Our understanding of local realities, and of cultural codes enables us to "read between the lines", to switch style, and to help the parties to unlock situations, in a creative manner.

Training and coaching

Intercultural understanding is a key ingredient in managing and leveraging cultural differences successfully and this is obviously a key challenge for foreign corporations operating in China. Over the past years, the New Step International Team has developed highly effective training programs to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude for intercultural effectiveness.


Post Merger Integration

At New Step International Limited, we understand that, management practices often need to be adapted to the local context. New Step International provide post-merger integration support in Greater China.In order to achieve similar outcomes abroad management practices and structures often need to be adapted to the local context. We help our clients to establish the appropriate structures to compete effectively in a changing environment as China today can be.

Experential Learning

We understand that today's Asia is increasingly competitive and complex. We propose immersive learning expeditions to help executive teams to get a better understanding of the business environment in Greater China.

Independent Director Service

We are aware that it is not enough to have the right ideas, but that it is crucial to execute them properly. Our expert team of independent directors bring deep local knowledge and experience to your China projects.

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