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Cross cultural training

To be able to take advantage of changing and growing markets, organizations have to have good people in place. Intercultural understanding is a key ingredient in managing and leveraging cultural differences successfully and this is obviously a key challenge for foreign corporations operating in China. Over the past years, the New Step Team has developed highly effective training programs to help our clients to develop the cross-cultural competence of their professionals, both foreigners who will have to manage a project in China and local teams who will have to interact with foreigners, in order to improve and sustain organizational effectiveness. By the end of a training session, participants will be able to apply practical solutions to communicate more clearly and to interact more efficiently with their foreign counterparts.

Our programmes include:

• country briefing China
• country briefing Hong-Kong
• Doing business in China
• Doing business in Hong-Kong
• Sales and marketing in China
• Sales and marketing in Hong-Kong
• Sourcing in China
• Risk Management and crisis prevention in China
• Working in Cross cultural teams
• Managing International Teams.
• Cross-Cultural Management Training- A European Perspective (for Chinese staffs who are going to live and work oversea)
• Negotiating across culture

Individual and team coaching

Support the passage of a strategic career or the evolution of a structure to improve performance and capitalize on the immediate future. We're offering our extensive experience in developing people and teams in China.
• Through our network of stakeholders listed, we present a selection of coaches targeted based on the siutation and profile of the recipient.
• Our coaches are former managers or executives who practice counseling and coaching, multicultural environment. From schools and various international, accredited by the profession, they offer a wide range of approaches.

Accompanying a management committee in its strategic evolution for China

An internal and external growth forced the rapid industrial company to review its entire organization. With the leader, the coach leads a collective approach of the steering committee to set strategic directions for three years and the modalities of implementation.


When he took office, a training manager must dåvelop the team to a new position within the group. Two days of team building allows all to identify the talents of each and build a cohesive team to change.

Managerial development

A manager is responsible for the development of a team whose work habits are inconsistent with its new challenges. He might face serious resistance, that his coaching experience is not enough to lift. The search for new alliances in its environment allows it to overcome its isolation and create the momentum for change


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