Should You Hire Mobile Windshield Replacement Or Take Your Vehicle To An Auto Shop?

Posted on: 12 November 2021

Although most motorists are accustomed to the fact that they will require automotive repairs on occasion, not many are prepared for windshield replacement. And this is not surprising when you consider just how durable a windshield is supposed to be! Firstly, the windshield works as a protective barrier when you are driving so that you are not only protected from the elements but flying debris too. Secondly, the double-layered nature of windshields makes them less vulnerable to shattering if they are exposed to high impact.

However, the moment your windshield is compromised, it is imperative that you have it replaced immediately since you will be putting your safety and that of your passengers at risk. So should you hire mobile windshield replacement services or drive your vehicle to an auto shop?

What are the benefits of mobile windshield replacement?

Without a doubt, the leading advantage of choosing mobile windshield replacement is the sheer convenience that it affords you. Rather than have to spend time carefully driving your car down to the auto shop, you can simply go about your day as long as you have someone expecting the mechanics at your house. The second advantage of choosing mobile windshield replacement is that it mitigates the risk of harming yourself. If you are driving with a compromised windshield, there is an increased threat of the windshield collapsing, causing you severe injuries. But this does not mean that this option is free of drawbacks.

The main downside of opting for mobile windshield repairs is the increased cost you have to bear, as the mechanics are commuting to you with all their equipment. However, you can compare it to the gas money you would use to drive your vehicle and decide if the extra expense is negligible.

What are the benefits of auto shop windshield replacement?

One of the main benefits of choosing auto shop windshield replacement is that you do not have to worry about the weather conditions, which would be the case with the mobile solution if you do not have an enclosed garage. In addition to this, auto shop windshield replacement will provide an optimum environment for the new windshield to cure. Unlike your home where people may walk in and out of your garage, your car can be kept in a secluded area in the auto shop, eliminating the risk of any disruptions to the ambient temperature required for efficient curing of the binding agents.

The main drawback of traditional auto shop windshield replacement, though, is that you will have to reorganize your day to make time to drive your car to the mechanic. Furthermore, if you drive over a bump or a pothole recklessly, there is the risk, as stated above, of the windshield imploding.

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